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back to the start

Posted by iloveharryp on 2008.03.23 at 12:59
So we’re back with H.P.A.S at ACU….no new members but who cares? I’m sure there are people out there who want to come but are too shy? Our meetings have turned into a group eating session with about 2 mins of Harry Potter talk, lol. I’m sure when we get closer to the release of HBP there will be more Harry discussion.

Recent topics iscussed:
                 - slughorn- is he fat enough?
                 - Dan rad a pack a day smoker!.....naughty Harry
                 - Can Cedric get any sexier?*

*may not have been discussed

Pride & Prejudice Day

Posted by iloveharryp on 2007.11.18 at 17:43
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howdy hpas members!

This wednesday hence will be the date of the fantibulating 'Pride & Prejudice Day'! So you are advised to keep the day free and adorn your favourite bonnet because we shall have such a grand time!!!

I think that considering the series goes for 6 hours we should really aim to start it at 10am (morning tea) that way it finishes at about 4pm, provided we dont take any breaks...im so pumped about it too...i have refrained from watching it but it h asn't been easy and all of my pent up ftension about wanting to see Colin in a wet t-shirt might just explode...so you have been warned!


Posted by iloveharryp on 2007.10.24 at 15:13
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Aren’t we naughty for not updating our little lj? If truth be told we haven’t had a meeting for a few weeks now due to absences (I take part of the blame) and uni work/performances (blame Mg for scheduling our drama performances around H.P.S.A time). We really need to have a meeting as there is so much to discuss, including:
-         our new badges for our sexy H.P.A.S t-shirts
-         Dumbledore’s sexuality
-         Mugglecast down under….even though only Hufflepuff (moi) went…tisk tisk
And much more…..perhaps we could even record it and post it as a podcast for our international readers.....
I was going to propose that we combine our ‘Pride & Prejudice’ day with a H.P.A.S meeting but I doubt Shaun (Ravenclaw) will want to sit through 6 hours of a Jane Austen Regency Period Drama…I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t but just in case perhaps we should reschedule….any suggestions?
At the very least we need to get a group shot in our t-shirts and organise getting a spot at uni for O-Week so that we can recruit more members

How to become a Hogwarts Student

Posted by shaunfarlow on 2007.09.03 at 19:23

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H.P.A.S re-joins!

Posted by iloveharryp on 2007.08.02 at 13:01
Current Location: granny's

Well it has been a while since I posted anything for H.P.A.S but here I am! 

I’d like to inform all members (all 5 of us) that meetings will commence this semester on Thursdays at 12pm inside the common room. We will still be providing tea and biscuits (and lightning-shaped cup-cakes when I can convince my granny to make them). We had a SHIT-LOAD to discuss so I wouldn’t want to miss the first meeting. I think we'll discuss a bit of OOTP and DH rather than just trying to stick to one. We will be hanging around until 2pm as some members have a class at 12pm.

I will be putting up new posters around uni early next week as they need to be run-off but hopefully these wont attract anymore nazi mo’s on Harry…SO come along and enjoy what will be a fabulous meeting of lively discussion and food!


Alyssa Diggory

H.P.A.S Meeting

Posted by iloveharryp on 2007.05.19 at 21:33
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This week is the last meeting for semester so you all better come!!! Jokes bra….but seriously come….we still have 2 packets of popcorn to eat and I am going to get onto my granny’s case about lightning bolt cup-cakes and who knows, perhaps even Snape might come….(Shaun can you ask him…he seems to like you more)
Anyway I think for our last meeting we should do some filming if possible…I’ll see if I can get a loan of my brother’s video camera, shouldn’t be a problem…he wouldn’t even know if I did take it.
So yeah…have people seen the cover of ‘Teen Vogue’? It features Daniel and Emma (but no Rupert….bullshit….ginger discrimination if you ask me). Daniel looks gay, yet I find what he is wearing oddly attractive…there is a pic of Emma that reminds me of a prostitute waiting to be paid, but overall it is a very classy/trendy shoot…..just not enough Rupert.

I was going to post the pics but they dont seem to be co-operating...but they are on mugglenet...i want to buy the mag but 'teen vogue' is an american issue...the Australian one is called 'vogue girl' but it is no longer in circulation....

Harry thought for the week

Posted by iloveharryp on 2007.05.01 at 14:21
Current Location: livo
well as i sit here trying to do my english curriculum assessment i have been enivatably distracted by Harry Potter...though i cant really blame myself because i just have harry on my mind seeinghow this week in Young adults lit. we are studying Philosopher's Stone!!!! And i gt to do the tute presentation!!! Hardly feels like an assessment really...

Anyway, my Harry thought for the week revovles around Dumbledore's death and Snape's loyalty and here it goes:

 * Dumbledore must have his reasons for trusting Snape and i think it was the fact that Snape heard the prohpechy in its entirety but only chose to tell Voldemort half of it as he got "discovered" and "thrown out" of The Hog's Head. Dumbledore couldnt exactly stop Trelawny mid-way through a prophecy, throw Snape out, then go back to hearing it hoping that Snape wouldnt go and tell Voldermort...unless of course he wanted him to go and tell Voldemort under the impression that he was discovered acting as a spy on Dumbledore. 
The only thing is that Snape and Dumbledore (if this was all a plan)  would have had to plan all of this a long time ago AND Harry's parents would still have to die and did Dumbledore really know that Harry would survive. It does seem like a lot of effort....unless of course they didn't expect wormtail to sell out the Potter's and therefore they would have still been safe with Volde having half of the prophecy...but seeing how it did apply to Neville aswell, were his parents also protected seeing how it did also apply to them? Perhpas Ddumbledore knew who Voldemort was going after because Snape told him....god i hope Snape is good!

*Snape agreed to kill him which is what they were arguing about before as Snape didn't want to have to kill Dumbledore in the end which is what Dumbledore knew would ultimately happen. (Dumbledore couldn't let anybody else in on the plan otherwise it would be too easy for Voldemort to use Legilimens on them to discover the truth about Snape's loyalty to Dumbledore). 

They had to ensure that people really thought Snape was evil to pull off the plan. Though i still cant see why Dumbledore would sacrafice himself...wouldnt he be more use to Harry alive? Like he could help him in finding the remianing Horcruxes. I think that Dumbledore's life is more important than having a spy (Snape....assuming he is not evil). I suppose with Dumbledore dead Voldemort would think that he was finally out of the way and therefor it would be easier to kill Harry, and he can now totally trust Snape as it was he who killed him.

changing times

Posted by iloveharryp on 2007.04.16 at 23:56
fyi this thursdays meeting has been switched to tuesday 11-12 and we will meet out side the canteen. the move is to accomadate a "special guest".....

and because half (actaully its more like 3/4) of the members dont have uni that day

Ginny is a slag

Posted by iloveharryp on 2007.04.03 at 21:06
Seeing how we're not meeting this week i figured i would still have a discussion....with myself. It is a topic which i often find myself ruminating over, that being: Ginny the Whore.

Here's my little rant:

*Ginny is a whore! Though admitedly she is quite witty and has some good calls. The thing that pissses me off about her is how she goes on about being possessed by Voldemort...like she is a fucking expert or something. Like in OOTP when Harry thought he was being possessed by Voldemort Ginny was like "Do you have gaps in your memory?" and Harry is like "No, I can remember everything", then Ginny is like "well he isn't possessing you because when he possessed me I couldn't remember hours at a time". Well thank you miss fucking expert on being possessed by Voldemort, next time I'm possessed I will ask you your opinion on the matter...it's good to know that we have a resident 'Voldemort possession expert' on hand.

That's the only thing that pisses me off about her....oh actually also the fact that she went out with like 3 guys (4 including Harry) over the span of like 6 months ( I guess its not tha bad but she seemed to get a new boyfriend like straight away she gets over them so easy). If I was Harry I wouldn't being going near her....little Hussy, but then again Harry does seem to like to pick up chicks off the rebound.....Cho from her dead ex Cedric and then Ginny from Dean...cant he pick anybody up that isn't emtionally fragile?

H.P.A.S Meeting

Posted by iloveharryp on 2007.04.03 at 21:00
In the spirit of not being perceived as anti-christian we have decided to post-pone the H.P.A.S meeting for this thrusday (Holy Thursday). The next meeting will be week 7 at the usual time and place. Hopefully this break will give us more to talk about when we return and i will practise my cup-cake making skills for my lightning bolt specialty!

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